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Manuscript assessments
Substantive / content / structural editing
Line / style editing

Literary fiction, mystery, historical fiction; non-fiction; young adult fantasy/fiction


Jennifer Day is a freelance editor with a primary emphasis on manuscript assessment and substantive editing. She has extensive experience working with both first-time and experienced authors.

During her five years as Managing Editor at Sumach Press, she was responsible for coordinating the editorial process of the list from the initial substantive edit through to galley proofs. She has worked as a writing counsellor for the School of Graduate Studies at the University of Toronto, and as writer and editor of English language materials, speeches, press releases and official correspondence for the Korean Consulate General in Toronto.

Jennifer graduated with her Masters degree from Edinburgh University and an Honours B.Sc. and TESL Certificate from the University of Toronto; she also has taken courses in editing at Ryerson University and numerous seminars and workshops offered through the Editors’ Association of Canada.

She is a member of the Editors’ Association of Canada and the Book Publishers’ Professional Association.

“In all my years as an editor, I have rarely encountered anyone with the perception, skill and sensitivity of Jennifer Day. She understood my characters more deeply than I did and helped them come to life, creating a structure to illuminate their qualities. And when I could not dream up a suitable title for the book, she proposed 'In a Pale Blue Light,' unaware of the special significance it held for me. Jennifer exemplifies the finest qualities an editor may possess: being an invisible force to enable writers to clearly express their vision.”

Lily Poritz Miller, In a Pale Blue Light

“Jennifer Day is a wonderful editor. She has a gift for shaping a novel’s structure, and a keen eye for detail. Again and again, she helped me find just the right word or phrase. She is a pleasure to work with, thoroughly professional and supportive. It is the responsibility of an editor to be critical; it is Jennifer’s gift to be able to make that criticism both constructive and welcome. I recommend her wholeheartedly.”

Jan Rehner, On Pain of Death

“Having worked with Jennifer Day's incisive and sensitive editing of manuscripts as a publisher, I can attest to the fact that she brings a most careful eye for detail and superb systems management to any writing project she tackles. She has a lovely way of bringing out the best in authors, and a deft understanding of both structure and language when editing. Writers and publishers alike will find her a pleasure to work with.”

— Liz Martin, Sumach Press

“In my opinion, what makes a truly great editor is not someone who can take my writing and make it better, but someone who can help me to make it better. Jennifer Day is just such an editor — insightful, patient and straightforward, with an amazing ability to see big pictures but still pinpoint the small connections. Jen is a pleasure to work with and, in her guiding way, has helped me to be a better writer. I highly recommend her as an editor!”

— Maggie L. Wood, The Princess Mage

“Soon after Gwen was placed in the care of Jennifer Day, I learned that the book was in the hands of a gentle, experienced expert. Throughout the editorial process I felt affirmed and encouraged. Jennifer polishes with a confident and soft touch.”

— Carolyn Pogue, Gwen
On the Edge of Being, Sharifa Sharif
West Wind Calling, Carolyn Pogue
Retribution, Carmen Rodriguez
Edith's War, Andrew Smith
In a Pale Blue Light, Lily Poritz Miller
Mella and the N’anga, Gail Nyoka
The Sherpa and Other Fictions, Nila Gupta
The Exclusion Principle, Leona Gom
On Pain of Death, Jan Rehner
Seda’s Story, Bonnie MacLachlan
Arguing with the Storm, Rhea Tregebov
The Book of Mary, Gail Sobat
Lily in the Snow, Yan Li
When Grownups Play at War, Ilona Flutstejn-Gruda
Gwen, Carolyn Pogue
Wings of a Bee, Julie Roorda
Swahili for Beginners, Lisa Joyal
Slanderous Tongue, Jill Culiner
Bottom Bracket, Vivian Meyer
Ragged Chain, Vivian Meyer
Rites of the Healer, Anne Gray
Feast of Lights, Ellen Jaffe
The Princess Mage, Maggie L. Wood
River Reel, Bonnie Laing
Seraphina’s Circle, Jocelyn Shipley
Watching July, Christine Hart
Illegally Dead, Joan Donaldson-Yarmey
Cleavage, Deb Loughead and Jocelyn Shipley
Healer’s Touch, Anne Gray
Time and Again, Deb Loughead
Battle Cries: Justice for Kids with Special Needs, Miriam Edelson
The Only Shadow In The House, Joan Donaldson-Yarmey
Working Philosophy

Jennifer takes an author-centric approach to editing manuscripts. For her postgraduate studies, she specialized in learning styles and techniques for developing customized approaches for one-on-one language work. She brings this specialized knowledge to the table to develop a working plan with each author that will complement and maximize the efficacy of the author’s own preferred mode of revision. She then brainstorms with the author to come to a vision of the full potential of her/his work, and works together with the author to achieve that potential. Jennifer believes in being fully engaged in the revision process, and remains accessible to authors throughout that process.
Upcoming Publications

"The Newcomers"
Literary Fiction
by Lily Miller
Three O’Clock Press

Short Fiction
by Mary Baxter

"Smiling the Moon"
Allegorical Fiction
By Tom Lawrence

"The Abject Walls"
by Nina Hoeschele

"From Land to Legislature in Fifty Years: An Historical Perspective on the Development of Iqaluit"
By Mary Clark
Museum of Iqaluit

Note: Full confidentiality for any manuscript is maintained upon request. No details of confidential projects will be displayed on this site.
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